The Secrets to Real Estate Investing in San Diego

Advice and suggestions for getting in the real estate investment game

The stock market seems overpriced. The monthly interest will barely buy a cup of coffee

Where can you put that nest egg of yours to work?

For many savvy investors, the answer is residential real estate. It offers a number of ways to gain financial advantage.

So You want to get into the Real Estate Investing Market.  First and Foremost – Act and think conservative.  Appreciation is typically not happening in huge increases as it has in the past.   Expect it to be much more gradual and prices will bounce as there are still some short sale and foreclosure inventory to contend with.

When shopping for a fixer-upper home,  or investment property, some properties have potential beyond their appearance. Keep the following tips in mind as you look for that home.

Know Your Budget
What are your goals – Real estate investing is far more complicated than simply buying an income-earning property.  Keep in mind there can be hitches for a buyer with flipping – lenders scrutinize the acquisition time to contract time –known as “seasoning as you may end up having to carry the property for a few months longer than expected.
Start out small and with something you can manage and/or have adequate resources to help, and If you have never renovated a property – it is probably not a good idea to take that on as a first project.  A condominium or something needing minimal work may be a good first investment

Before you go out to tour available properties, either residential or commercial, use this checklist to help develop your budget.

  1. What’s the maximum amount of money you have to invest, including any loans procured?
  2. Are you looking to generate monthly income through a rental or to quickly turn the property. Do you intend to buy a property to “flip” (fix up and sell) or to use to generate ongoing rental income?
  3. How much renovating or maintenance work will you take on yourself instead of subcontracting out? A turn of the property usually requires money to improve.  You may end up having to carry the property for a few months longer than expected.

Know And find the Best Neighborhood for you
Location is one of the most crucial factors to consider as you look for possible homes. Unlike the style and even structure, no amount of time, effort, or money can change a home’s location. To find the best neighborhood for you, it can help to visit the area multiple times at various hours. This will help reveal the local culture and activity to be expected from neighbors

Ask yourself, are you interested in investing in an established neighborhood, a newer development, or a revitalization area? How you answer that question will determine your ability in realizing a long or short term return on your investment.

As San Diego Continues to attract migration we continue to see continual investment opportunities in the local real estate market

Hire a Contractor Before Buying a Home
You may want to hire a contractor in your search if you know you want to make changes to a home you plan to purchase. A contractor can help you better understand what kind of commitment a given home will require. Many remodelers will visit a potential purchase at no charge to give an estimate of how much the work would cost. This is valuable information when comparing different homes with one another.

Know What to Check Before Buying an Old Home
Examining a home can be a complex process, and looking for one with unused potential can make it more difficult. Keep in mind that homes older than 50 years are likely to have similarly aged plumbing, electrical, heating, and other systems. The home may also be worn out or too outdated to remodel.

 Real Estate Agents Can Help
Real estate agents are valuable resources.  They can help you understand a home in the context of its neighborhood and area, and may be able to offer advice on how to increase the value of the property after purchase.  Working with an experienced agent who is well versed in the type of properties that you are interested will provide you a tremendous benefit and peace of mind.
Just like you would seek out a financial advisor’s advice, a good agent can advise you of the risks, upsides and downsides and nuances.
They can also help you determine the financials of a property you want to purchase and the profit you will gain when renting it out.

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