Empty Nester? Downsizing? Retiring? Maintain Low Property Taxes with Prop 60 / 90

Are you finally an empty nester? Has your home outgrown you? Does the idea of moving and potentially saving hundreds to thousands a month sound ideal to you?

If you’re over 55 and considering a move from your current home to another home in California… then you need to be aware of the unique tax relief benefits state law provides when you move.

Here is a Short Overview of what you want to know!

Downsize (or “rightsize”) into the best home for your lifestyle…
Move closer to your kids, and grandkids
Build the home of your dreams!
Escape the maintenance trap—or the two-story home with stairs…
Move closer to the beach—without paying “beach home” taxes…
Reduce the position of real estate in your overall wealth portfolio…
Use the savings to take much needed vacations
Move closer to friends!!
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