Several Years ago, I wrote this article as a Recruiter – 4 Years ago, I joined the Real Estate Industry, and was shocked at HOW SIMILAR these industries both are – Candidates are akin to buyers and the Company Clients are akin to the Sellers.

Everything about the jobs are so similar so much so, that I revisited this post I made for recruiters, changed it to Realtors, and Boom, we have the same people doing the same type of work and have the same type of personalities.. So what do you think?

What makes a great Realtor? What traits make up the ideal Real Estate Agent? Is this question easily answered? Is there a profile that helps identify the distinguishing qualities of the best of the best?

My personal Observation, is that a Super Star recruiter definitely has tendencies of a person who had ADD/HD

Why you ask? Well because they tend to be:

  • Loners
  • Farmers AND Hunters at the same time (mixed lot)
  • Intense and passionate individuals – they know how to transfer that passion to their work
  • Demonstrate inventiveness and originality in their work
  • Very Creative individual willing to think outside the box
  • Highly insightful/intuitive – especially regarding the human psyche
  • Hyper-thinkers
  • Hyper-Focus which allows them to be able work harder and longer than their peers on tasks that are interesting to them
  • Most ADHD/ ADD’ers are honest, almost to a fault. 
  • Spontaneous problem solvers
  • Impulsive
  • Have the ability to respond effectively in high pressure situations. They hyper-focus with stimulation.
  • Have a reputation for being daydreamers
  • Have the ability to Analyze and evaluate extreme alternative points of view
  • Need for flexibility
  • receptive to new ideas and experiences
  • Love to help others
  • Are often more able to see the big picture and determine areas that need improvement
  • have the ability to master a wide range of idea creative techniques
  • ADD/HD people are Very gifted and passionate. They will develop extraordinary skills in those areas that they excel in
  • Aptitude for small business entrepreneurship
  • Easily Distracted yet at other times become intensely interested in what they do – one project at a time.. and can easily become so engrossed that they lose concept of time and surroundings, and then turn around and become just as easily bored soon after – diverted attention.
  • Can easily utilize multiple media and technologies – at the same time, effectively.
  • Yet can still be the best in multitasking
  • Great procrastinators, but still often find the way to get the project done, just in the nick of time.
  • Adapt to new concepts and get the gist of information easily

There are also unique, and interesting parallels with employment history (many have concerns as job hoppers) – if a company instills an unstimulated, repetitive, and a highly structured environment there can be issues of rebelling.. Maybe that is why there are so many independent recruiters, or, that recruiters do better working from home via telecommuting.

Realtors are Mavericks in their own right – yet they excel in this fast paced, highly stressed, rewarding environment; as this is a career which depends on intuition and an ability to adapt well to new situations consistently..

This opinion is formed from my personal observations over the decades working in a high pressure, high strung industries..

What attributes do you guys think makes up the ideal Realtor? Do you fit the box?


Karen Mattonen

  Karen specializes in helping navigate both buyers and sellers through the buying and selling process! She believes in using dedication to her clients to help educate both buyers and sellers through the home buying process, allowing them to make more informed and confident decisions.  

Karen has a passion to exceed expectations, by utilizing her strong negotiation skills, her capacity for empathy, and her strong integrity, energy and dedication to help achieve the most positive outcome for her clients. 

After several very successful personal real estate transactions over the years, Karen transitioned from Headhunting/HR, which also included recruiting and Training of Individual Team Realtors, to building her own Professional Real Estate Career. 

Prior to real estate, Karen had developed a positive reputation as a successful recruiter and Trainer who owned and operated several successful Recruiting/HR and Training business ventures

Karen takes a different approach to real estate, one that is built on personal touches, win-win deals and positive results. 

Karen Mattonen utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations. More importantly, she listens and that means she finds solutions that are tailored to you!