ATTOM Data Solutions, curator of the nation’s premier property database and first property data provider of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), today released an analysis of the best days of the year to sell a home, which shows that nine days of the year offer seller premiums of 10 percent or more – eight of which occur in the Summer months, while one occurs the day after Valentine’s day.

Top Days to List your Home for Sale

Best Months to Sell

The analysis also took a more high-level look and showcased how seller premiums faired throughout the year and broke it out by month.

The months realizing the greatest seller premiums were as follows: June (9.2 percent); May (7.4 percent); July (7.3 percent); April (6.4 percent); March (6.1 percent); August (5.8 percent); February (5.6 percent); September (4.7 percent); November (4.0 percent); January (3.7 percent); October (3.3 percent); and December (3.3 percent).

Some Highlights:

  • ATTOM Data Solutions conducted an analysis of more than 29 million single family home and condo sales over the past eight years to determine the top days to list your home for sale.
  • For this analysis ATTOM Data Solutions looked at any calendar days in the last eight years (2011 to 2018) with at least 10,000 single family home and condo sales. There were 362 days that matched this criteria, with the four exceptions being Jan. 1, July 4, Nov. 11 and Dec. 25. To calculate the premium or discount paid on a given day, ATTOM compared the median sales price for homes with a purchase closing on that day with the median automated valuation model (AVM) for those same homes at the time of sale.
  • The top five days to list your home brought in a 10% premium over market value and are all in either May or June!
    Nationally, the best time to list is May 1 to 15, when homes sell around nine days faster and for nearly 1 percent more than the average listing in Normal Times!
  • By May, some buyers may be anxious to get settled into a new home— and will be more willing to pay a premium to close the deal
  • “Families start their home search when they know their kids will be out of school and when the weather is ideal for home viewing and moving, giving home sellers an upper hand in price negotiations.”
  • There is still time to list your home before these dates pass you by!


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